Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

  • About Platelet Rich Plasma

    A common form of healing is by the formation of scar tissue. This can affect function, cause pain and increase the risk of further damage particularly if it is near a joint. New treatments aim to provide biologically based strategies involving the stimulation of cell activities through the delivery of Growth Factors. Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is one of these and at the Cheshire Shoulder and Elbow Clinic we use this new approach for the non-surgical treatment of tennis elbow and some other conditions affecting tendons.

  • Having Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy at the Cheshire Shoulder and Elbow Clinic

    Platelet Rich Plasma is derived by placing a small amount of your blood in a filtration system that separates red blood cells from platelets. This is identical to having a routine blood test. The high concentration of your platelets (containing a high concentration of Growth Factor) is then carefully prepared and injected into the injured tissue which initiates the body’s natural healing response.

    This is carried out either in the outpatient clinc treatment room or as a daycase procedure (come in on the day of surgery and go home the same day) and requires a local anaesthetic. After treatment, a prescription for pain medication will be given for pain control overnight. Anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen, nurofen, diclofenac or voltarol should not be used after treatment. However cold therapy and icing of the affected area may be used. A stretching and strengthening exercise programme supervised by a physiotherapist will be organised.