Preparing for your stay

In preparation for coming into hospital, there are some frequently asked questions:

1: Do I need to fast before coming into hospital?

This is necessary before a general anaesthetic. On your letter detailing your admission, clear instructions about when to stop eating and when to stop drinking water will be provided. Chewing gum is not permitted during the fasting period. If this has not been made clear, please contact Mr Peach’s secretary.

2. I have an allergy. Who can I make aware of this?

Please make the nursing staff aware on admission as well as Mr Peach prior to surgery. Information relating to this allergy will have probably be made available by your GP but it is always better to make as many people aware as possible.

3. When should I stop taking my regular medications?

You should continue to take your regular medications. Take them at the normal time with a small amount of water. It is particularly important your health is not upset by you missing out more tablets than is absolutely necessary around the time of your operation. For patients attending for day case procedures this means ensuring that you take your normal medication at home on the day of surgery. There are some drugs that may have to be altered or stopped before an operation (e.g. warfarin, insulin, tablets to reduce blood sugar, the oral contraceptive pill). Mr Peach and his team will advise you about this, but if in doubt please ask.

4. Can you cater for specific dietary requirements?

We are able to cater for individual dietary requirements with advance notification. This includes vegetarian, Kosher and Halal meals. Please contact the admissions team at the hospital [insert telephone number].